Specialist Drain Plumbing Services

Robotic pipe cutting, pipe relining and unrivalled effectiveness in clearing blocked drains

Sometimes service calls unveil problems that many plumbers might find quite challenging and it’s in these situations that Kleen Plumbing thrives.

When you have major issues with pipes and drains at your Brisbane Northside or Sunshine Coast home, there’s only one plumber to call: Kleen Plumbing.

The experienced licensed North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast plumbers are your residential blocked drain plumbing specialists and well equipped for jobs including:

  • Fully inspecting drains using a CCTV camera
  • Unblocking drains using the latest high-pressure water jetters
  • Utilising robotic cutting technology to remove stubborn blockages
  • Repairing damaged pipes through relining and patching – avoiding the need to excavate drains

You can trust in the expertise within the team, as Kleen Plumbing is a sister company of Drains Kleen, the No.1 domestic, commercial and civil drains specialists servicing the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

Robotic CCTV Drain Inspections

When it’s unclear what is causing a drain blockage or if a pipe is damaged and needs to be relined, Closed Circuit TV drain inspection cameras are employed to assist with the diagnosis.

Using this technology, Kleen Plumbing’s licensed plumbers are able to fully assess the condition of your drains or pipes and carry out a thorough CCTV blocked drain plumbing inspection of both new and existing drains of all sizes for damage, tree root intrusion or other issues.

Cameras of various sizes can be used in different scenarios, with common inspections including:

  • CCTV sewer and stormwater mains inspections
  • CCTV pool drain inspections
  • CCTV drain inspection for household plumbing (bathroom, kitchen and laundry drains)

Often the CCTV cameras are used in conjunction with high-pressure water jetters when unblocking drains.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Drainage plumbing issues can be caused by all sorts of obstructions including tree roots, silts, fat and household grime or a general build-up of debris.

Typically, high-pressure water jetting machines are an extremely effective and efficient way to clear and clean blocked sewer mains, stormwater drains and pits, sewage systems, septic systems, gully traps, down pipes and general household drains or pipes (kitchen waste, baths, showers, toilets, laundry etc).

Particularly effective with slimy, sludgy build-ups and tree root infiltrations, high-pressure jetters can reach blockages further along pipes than a conventional electric eel or drain snake, therefore saving you time and money.

Robotic Pipe Cutting Services

Every drain is different and every blockage is unique. For the instances when a high-pressure water jetter isn’t sufficient to get the job done, Kleen Plumbing can employ the latest pipe cutting and extraction equipment.

With a range of robotic pipe cutters at their disposal, the Kleen Plumbing team are able to remove stubborn material from within the pope to restore water flow, including roots, barnacles, concrete, steel, star pickets, timber pegs and general obstructions.

It can also be used to rectify crushed pipes and reinstate junctions.

No-dig Pip Relining Services

When drains are damaged, the Kleen Plumbing Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane plumbers adopt the most modern method of drain repair to prevent ex-filtration or blockages: trenchless pope relining.

The no-dig relining solution avoids the need for cutting through slabs and digging up yards for repairs including:

  • Cracks and holes in drains
  • Displaced or separated pipes
  • Tree root invasions

Excavation work involved in digging up drains is costly, time-consuming and disruptive so relining is definitely preferable.

Utilising the superior Brawoliner relining method developed in Germany, Kleen Plumbing is able to handle junction relining, inversion relining (long lengths of pipe), sectional relining (patch relining) and pipe coating. The process essentially involves installing a resin-impregnated felt liner to form a new pipe, which then bonds to the existing pipe to completely restore the damaged drain from the inside.

This hassle-free process rebuilds the pipe from the inside, creating a new and even stronger section. Better still, you’ll have a longer warranty period than if you chose to have a drain re-laid.

Why Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Northside residents love Kleen Plumbing

Fully licensed plumbers

You won’t have a lone apprentice show up

Quality products and workmanship

Complete peace of mind that a job will be done right

100+ years of experience to call on

Efficiency and expertise that saves you time and money

Accredited Master Plumbers

Rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands

Reliable and down-to-earth

Prompt, thorough and easy to deal with

Honest communication throughout

Keeping you fully informed on progress

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