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Kleen Plumbing supplies hot water systems and provides gas and electrical hot water system installation and repairs on the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. Kleen Plumbing is a hot water system plumbing specialist and the best, most reliable choice for hot water system maintenance. In case of an emergency, we provide a 24-hour emergency hot water heater service.

Our hot water plumbers and gas plumbers are experienced with hot water repairs and maintenance of all types – electric, gas, continuous, instantaneous, heat pump and solar – Kleen’s specialized plumbing services can also ensure you are getting the greatest possible energy efficiency out of your system, and can help you choose the ideal model to install in your home.

Kleen Plumbing’s hot water plumbing services include:

  • New hot water system installation
  • Hot water heater repairs and maintenance including fixing issues related to hot water system leaks, not enough hot water, water being too hot or too cold, and discoloured hot water
  • Water heater relocation
  • Water heater removal

Discovering you have no hot water when you need it is always frustrating, especially on a cold winter’s morning, so don’t be caught out!

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Professional Hot Water System Installation

As well as specialised electric and gas fitting hot water system services, Kleen also provide professional solar hot water system installation. And you can certainly benefit from Kleen’s experience when it comes to buying and installing a new hot water system.

Factors to consider when you install a new hot water system:

  • Where do you want the hot water heater installer to install it?
  • What size hot water heater system is required for your household?
  • Is it important to minimise running costs?
  • Do you want to minimise environment impacts?
  • Do you have a preference between electric, gas or a solar hot water system?
  • Are there any must-have features, for example temperature controls?

Not installing the correct size of hot water system for your property can increase your energy bill or leave you without enough hot water.

Hot water system installation costs

Another consideration is that hot water heating system installation costs can vary considerably depending on your requirements and the complexity of the job. If you are replacing an existing hot water system with the same type place it in the same position, for example, the installation cost will be relatively low compared to changing the type of hot water system or moving the hot water system to a new position.

Kleen’s gas fitting and hot water heater plumbing services are second-to-none, and our gas and hot water plumbers take pride in fully evaluating your hot water needs and offering valuable insights on the best, most efficient and cost-effective option for you.

Australian Standards compliant

Every hot water heater installation is completed to meet or exceed Australian standards and a Certificate of Compliance is issued upon commissioning the new unit.

Make choosing a hot water system stress free and have your new system installed by an experienced professional. Call Kleen Plumbing on (07) 5453 0311 to arrange for your new hot water system to be installed by a qualified hot water plumber on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane.

Reliable hot water plumbers servicing the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture & North Brisbane

Regular hot water system maintenance is a must, or your hot water unit will be at far greater risk of failing and possibly leaving you with unexpected expensive repairs. To ensure the maximum efficiency of your hot water system, it’s recommended to follow a five-yearly checkup and maintenance schedule.

Kleen Plumbing’s expert team of hot water plumbers are fully qualified in all facets of hot water system maintenance and repairs, and are on-call 24-hours to provide emergency hot water heater repairs.

In addition to general hot water system servicing and restoring hot water service if your system fails or your normal hot water flow is interrupted, Kleen’s hot water plumbing services include fixing the following hot water system problems:

  • Replacing broken heating elements
  • Replacing broken hot water thermostats
  • Replacing broken hot water tempering valves
  • Replacing or repairing damaged hot water tanks
  • Repairing hot water cylinder leaks
  • Repairing pressure release valve leaks
  • Replacing broken fuses or circuit breakers
  • Repairing pilot lights that keep going out
  • Solving problems with rust-coloured water.

If you don’t have a particular problem with your hot water system but want it serviced, the following tasks are among those undertaken during scheduled hot water plumbing maintenance:

  • Cleaning the pilot and burner
  • Inspecting the element and anodes for signs of corrosion
  • Removing sludge from the hot water cylinder if required
  • Measuring the hot water temperature and pressure
  • Inspecting the hot water system for signs of rust, leaks or failing pipes, insulation, gaskets or O-rings
  • Checking the wear on tempering valves, thermocouple or gas controllers – and making recommendations for replacement as required. 

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100+ years of experience to call on

Efficiency and expertise that saves you time and money

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Rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands

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Honest communication throughout

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