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Need help with a blocked toilet or toilet installation?

From the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane Northside, if you have a blocked or leaking toilet there’s no need to panic. Rest assured Kleen Plumbing can fix your toilet fast!

When it comes to affordable toilet plumbing maintenance and repairs – including unclogging blocked toilets – Kleen Plumbing’s drain and plumbing services are second to none. The team of fully licensed local plumbers at Kleen Plumbing know all the tricks of the trade are also specialists in repairing and installing toilets, including toilet replacement.

Fixing Toilet Blockages

It’s always wise to leave a blocked toilet to plumbing professionals. As frustrating and inconvenient as an unusable loo can be, incorrectly plunging your toilet can make matters worse and lead to a house flooded with septic water, as can continuing to flush it. Instead of making a bigger and potentially more costly problem, you’re wise to pick up the phone instead!

Kleen Plumbing’s tools of the trade – such as CCTV drain inspection cameras, industrial toilet plungers and high-pressure water jets – mean the toilet blockage can easily be located and rectified without risk.

Blocked toilets plumbing problems can be caused by many things – including tree roots, a collapsed sewer line or simply older pipes – however the most common culprits are:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Baby wipes, wet wipes or sanitary napkins
  • Foreign objects such as children’s toys or toilet fresheners being flushed
  • Accumulated hair becoming tangled with other objects

Regardless of the cause of your clogged toilet, our blocked drain plumbers will fix the problem. Upon arrival, a local plumber will quickly assess the problem and then get to work to get everything back to normal.

24-Hour Emergency Plumber Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane

Burst pipes? Blocked drains? If you have a major plumbing problem that needs immediate attention, Kleen Plumbing can help!

Putting a Stop to Toilet Leaks

Loos are the most common source of household water leaks, with most going unnoticed due to a slow trickle of water down the back of the toilet bowl.

A running toilet is not only irritating but the leak can waste as much as 70 kilolitres of water each year, so cost you a small fortune on your excess water bill! It makes sense to call on Kleen Plumbing to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

In addition to leaking bowls, leaking toilet cisterns are also common – often due to cracked or split seals on the flush pipe or overflow through unsealed cistern screw holes.

However, loo leaks can also be attributed to a long list of potential issues including:

  • Decayed, cracked or split outlet rubbers
  • Cracked or split inlet valves or outlet valves caused by the plastic hardening and decaying
  • Perishing rubber on the floor or wall seal
  • Perishing mechanism within the shut-off valve
  • Perishing rubbers on the water feed or flexi hose

DIY attempts to stop toilet leaks can go horribly wrong. It’s best to let the experts, such as Kleen Plumbing’s experienced licensed plumbers, investigate and diagnose the problem.

Other Toilet Repairs

Whether your toilet isn’t flushing properly, is slow to fill or you have other concerns, you can always call on Kleen Plumbing’s toilet and drain plumbers for help. Most problems with loos can be repaired.

New Toilet Installation

If you’ve decided to upgrade your loo or require new toilet installation as part of a house extension or bathroom renovation fitout, Kleen Plumbing can handle the job efficiently and affordably.

Whether you’ve already bought a toilet or want a recommendation on a toilet brand or model and have it sourced for you, be sure to get in touch.

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100+ years of experience to call on

Efficiency and expertise that saves you time and money

Accredited Master Plumbers

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