Residential & Commercial Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

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Kleen Plumbing are a leading Sunshine Coast plumbing company which offers general and specialized plumbing services. It is vital to ensure little problems don’t become major catastrophes that cost you a lot of money so call us to fix all your plumbing problems across the region. 

With more than 100 years of combined specialized plumbing experience, Kleen Plumbing’s team of fully qualified Master Plumbers are able to efficiently and effectively handle any preventative plumbing maintenance issues or general plumbing repairs around your home or business.

With service vans stocked with the tools of the trade, from electric eels and jet rodders to the latest state-of-the-art plumbing equipment, our plumbing repair specialists always strives to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and get the job right the first time.

Residential plumbing repair and maintenance services offered include:

  • Dishwasher installations
  • Toilet, shower and tap maintenance
  • Grey water installations
  • Irrigation system installations and repairs
  • Plumbing diagnostics
  • Pressure-reducing valve installation
  • Resolving stormwater runoff issues
  • Septic system repairs or replacement
  • Water filter installation
  • Water saver audits
  • Water saving device installations
  • Water tank installations

Get in touch today to discuss your residential plumbing services, or to inquire about our commercial plumbing repair services. 

24-Hour Emergency Plumber Available

Burst pipes? Blocked drains? If you have a major plumbing problem that needs immediate attention, Kleen Plumbing can help!

Leaking Taps

A single leaking tap in your home can waste an incredible amount of water – up to 24,000 litres of water per year – and also erode your bank balance. Whether simply through a higher water bill or also rectifying damage to saturated timber cabinets, walls or flooring, there’s huge potential for it to become extremely costly.

If you have a dripping tap, a leaking tap or a running tap that you’re struggling to turn off, call the Kleen Sunshine Coast plumbing company to have it fixed in no time.

When a tap starts to drip the problem is often as simple as a deteriorating washer. Tap washer replacement is usually a quick task for a plumber, so an inexpensive fix, but if the problem is left unattended to and the washer falls apart completely you can end up with a flooded room quite rapidly.

From spindle taps to kitchen mixers, rest assured the team of experienced, licensed, local plumbers can install and repair all kinds of taps.

Kleen Plumbing can repair:

  • Shower taps
  • Bath taps
  • Vanity taps
  • Kitchen taps – including mixers and dishwasher taps
  • Laundry taps – including washing machine taps
  • Toilet taps
  • Garden taps

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is designed to blend hot water with cold water to ensure constant, safe shower and bath outlet temperatures.

Kleen Plumbing can also install, test and repair TMVs to help prevent your family members being scalded.

Why locals love Kleen's Sunshine Coast Plumbing Company

Fully licensed local plumbers

You won’t have a lone apprentice show up

Quality products and workmanship

Complete peace of mind that your residential plumbing service will be carried out correctly

100+ years of experience to call on

Efficiency and expertise that saves you time and money

Accredited Master Plumbers

Rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands

Reliable and down-to-earth

Prompt, thorough and easy to deal with local plumbers

Honest communication throughout

Keeping you fully informed on the progress of your residential or commercial plumbing repair job

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