Water Leak Detection

Have your water bills shot up? You could have a leak around your home!

If you’ve noticed water pooling in an off place around your property, a damp area on the lawn or simply a water bill that’s significantly higher than normal, the likely culprit is a leak you cannot directly see. 

Thankfully, Kleen Plumbing are experts in finding and repairing water leaks – including major leaks from burst pipes.

Not every Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane plumber is well equipped to detect leaks, however Kleen Plumbing’s team of fully trained and licensed leak and burst pipe plumbers can operate state-of-the-art electronic leak listening devices that use high-frequency ultrasonic waves to detect precisely where even the smallest leak is coming from.

It’s a non-invasive process for locating the source of unexplained moisture or hidden leaks – such as under slabs and driveways or behind retaining walls – without the need to drill through concrete or punch holes into walls. Equally the technology can also be used for pipeline correlation or to locate water, storm water, irrigation, sewer and septic lines.

With Kleen Plumbing services ability to quickly and accurately detect leaks that other local plumbers wouldn’t be able to find, a determination can then be made as to the cause and a list of options to solve the problem.

Although there are many different possible caused of water leaks, some on the most common are:

  • Collapsing pipes
  • Corrosion of pipes
  • Cracking pipes
  • Earth shifting
  • Old or worn fixtures
  • Tree roots
  • Water hammer

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Burst Pipe Plumbers

If you have a major water leak issue, such as a burst pipe, emergency plumbing services in Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane are available 24 hours.

A member of the Kleen Plumbing services team are always on call after-hours to help with anything needing immediate attention.

Why Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Northside residents love Kleen Plumbing

Fully licensed plumbers

You won’t have a lone apprentice show up

Quality products and workmanship

Complete peace of mind that a job will be done right

100+ years of experience to call on

Efficiency and expertise that saves you time and money

Accredited Master Plumbers

Rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands

Reliable and down-to-earth

Prompt, thorough and easy to deal with

Honest communication throughout

Keeping you fully informed on progress

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