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Is your backflow prevention device due for its annual backflow testing inspection and re-certification?

Backflow prevention testing should be done regularly to protect your drinking water from contamination from hazardous chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides, due to contaminated water being sucked back into the drinking water supply.

Backflow prevention devices must be fitted on:

  • Fire hose reels
  • Irrigation systems connected to mains water supply
  • Underground water tanks that have mains water backup
  • Commercial or industrial machinery connected to mains water supply

If Queensland legislation requires your property to be fitted with a backflow protection device, you are also required to use a licensed specialised plumbing service with backflow prevention endorsement for mandatory testing – which must be conducted annually – and all maintenance and repairs to faulty backflow devices.

Kleen Plumbing provides a specialised backflow prevention plumbing service. Our sunshine Coast-based plumbers can install new backflow devices and also help you satisfy requirements for backflow prevention testing and certification, which needs to be undertaken every 12 months. 

Our specialised backflow plumbing service includes replacing backflow valves as required and submitting the required Backflow Test and Maintenance Report for local government certification.

To avoid forgetting about your backflow testing obligations, Kleen Plumbing can also organise an annual backflow prevention checkup to ensure you never miss your certification deadline and receive a fine as a result.

Get in touch with our local licensed plumbers today to book a testing or repair backflow plumbing service on the Sunshine Coast or North Brisbane.

What is Backflow?

Water systems are designed so that water flows under pressure to and from properties.

Backflow occurs when water flows in the wrong direction, and is back into the plumbing system due to the correct pressure not being maintained. It can be caused by a break in the water main, if large amounts of water are pumped from the mains supply for firefighting purposes, if the water outlet on a property is located higher than the mains, or for a variety of other reasons.

When the pressure drops too far, it creates a vacuum, which brings the risk of liquid from a contaminated source getting sucked into the drinking water supply. Depending on the system, this has the potential to be extremely hazardous for you or your neighbours.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation

Kleen Plumbing’s licensed, local plumbers are trained and qualified to determine your property’s hazard rating – low, medium or high – and install an appropriate backflow prevention device.

A non-testable backflow prevention containment is satisfactory for low-hazard risk properties, however a medium-hazard risk property is required to have a testable double-check valve assembly installed, while a high-hazard risk property is legally required to have a certified and registered testable backflow prevention break tank, reduced pressure zone or air gap installed.

Backflow Prevention Testing and Plumbing Repairs

Kleen Plumbing’s testing of backflow prevention systems using regularly calibrated equipment is always conducted promptly, with all necessary paperwork completed and forwarded to your council for certification purposes.

Any necessary repairs or replacement of a backflow prevention device to meet certification requirements can also be handled by our Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane plumbers. 

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